Why You Should Connect With Us

At Doha Bar Lounge, not only do we pride ourselves on offering unmatched ambiance, drinks, and bar food in Long Island City, NYC, but we also boast a dedicated and responsive team that's eager to assist. Whether you're an enthusiast of Latin nights, a food blogger hunting for the next best bar food, or a corporate planner scouting for memorable event spaces, our team is here to ensure your questions are answered.

Why Choose Doha Bar Lounge?

In the ever-evolving landscape of Long Island City's nightlife and gastronomy, Doha Bar Lounge stands out due to:

  • Unparalleled Bar Experience: From our signature cocktails to our immersive Latin nights, we promise an unforgettable experience.
  • Exquisite Bar Food: Our diverse menu, ranging from classic appetizers to contemporary fusions, ensures every palate is satisfied.
  • Innovative Event Spaces: Hosting a corporate party, birthday party, bachelorette, or an anniversary? We offer spaces that cater to both intimate gatherings and large events.

Connect with Us for Collaborations and Inquiries

Influencer Partnerships: Are you an influencer with a knack for highlighting unique experiences? Let's collaborate! Doha Bar Lounge offers a plethora of opportunities for content creators to showcase our offerings.

General Inquiries: Whether it's a question about our bar food menu, details about corporate events, or reservations for our famed Latin nights, we're here to help.

How to Reach Out

To ensure you receive a prompt response:

  • Message Us: Drop us a note with your questions or proposals. We aim to get back to you in 1-4 business days.
  • Provide Clear Details: When contacting us, the more specific you can be about your inquiry or proposal, the faster we can assist.

Let's Begin a Conversation

In a bustling city like New York, where experiences are countless, Doha Bar Lounge endeavors to stand out, not just with its offerings but with its commitment to engaging with its patrons and collaborators. So, whether you're reaching out for an influencer partnership or you have a general query, rest assured, you're in capable hands.


  • How long does it typically take for a response? We aim to respond within 1-4 business days, ensuring each inquiry receives the attention it deserves.
  • Do you collaborate with influencers from outside NYC? Absolutely! We're always keen to partner with influencers, both local and from afar, who can capture the essence of Doha Bar Lounge.
  • Can I book a space for corporate events or parties directly through the contact form? Yes, you can initiate the booking process through the contact form. Our team will then guide you through the details.

Thank you for considering Doha Bar Lounge. Our awesome team is eager to engage, collaborate, and ensure your experience with us is nothing short of spectacular!

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