Top Classic Drinks to Have at Doha Bar Lounge

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Are you looking to unwind and have some fun? A visit to a bar with your friends after a stressful week can be a great way to chill out and have a good time. While the bar menu may offer a variety of cocktails or other drinks, sometimes it’s the classic drinks that hit the spot. The timeless flavors of classic drinks can make your time at the bar truly enjoyable. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned bar-goer, here are some drinks you must try on your next outing to taste the tried and tested favorites.

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Doha Bar Lounge’s Cocktails

Exotic Cocktail


The unique drink has a combination of red wine and fresh fruit. It can leave your taste buds happy. It is a delicious drink that most people choose to make their time at the bar enjoyable. The fruity and lush beverage is the perfect drink you can have with friends.

Happy Hour in Astoria


It is the most popular cocktail leaving you refreshed and happy. The Cuban punch can make you feel relaxed after a stressful week. The fruity flavors added to the cocktail can never go wrong. Allow your taste buds to tingle with the summery drink.

Piña Colada

Do you wish for a tropical holiday? Get transported to the beaches with this popular drink. Piña Colada can give you the exotic taste of the Caribbean without visiting the place. Order this classic drink to escape your hectic life for a short time.


It is a drink with an exotic combination of frozen strawberries, rosé, and maple syrup. With no added sugar, this drink can provide refreshment. You can try this cocktail in the summer for a happy hour.

Tiger King

You can feel good by drinking the exotic cocktail has a blend of coconut Rum, Ciroc peach, and fresh peaches.

Blue Hawaiian

Transport yourself to a poolside or beach with the classy Blue Hawaiian drink. It is a gorgeous drink that looks and tastes good. The flavorful mix of blue curacao, pineapple juice, vodka, and rum can make you relaxed after work. It is the perfect choice for people who wish to enjoy a good time with their friends at the bar.


Who can forget the classic drink of happy hour? It is a perfect drink for all people. You can never go wrong with a beer. Get a bottle of Heineken or Corona to enjoy a good time with your friends.

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These classic options allow you to enjoy a drink without getting plastered. You can wait for your friends at the bar or have conversations with them while sipping on these flavorful drinks. Are you looking for the best place to enjoy happy hour in Astoria? Head over to the Doha Bar Lounge to savor exotic cocktails in Long Island City that will make you happy. The chic Long Island City bar can provide you with the best drinks and atmosphere to forget stressful times. Irrespective of problems at work or home, get a classy drink from this bar to chill and relax.