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Brunch Menu.

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The All New Boozy Brunch at Doha Bar Lounge

Enjoy 90 Minutes of Unlimited Bottomless

Mimosa, Froze, or Sangria

For $49 with a Brunch Entree • Entire Table Must Participate

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Top Place to Eat Brunch in Long Island city


Breakfast Burger | $19

Relish a Black Angus beef patty paired with an egg your way, crispy bacon, creamy avocado, and spicy pepper jack. Choose fries for comfort or salad for freshness

Chorizo Burger | $18

Enjoy a hand-crafted chorizo patty, stacked with arugula, avocado, and pepper jack on a brioche bun. Complemented by ranch and your choice of crispy fries or fresh green salad.

Stuffed French Toast | $20

Indulge in our dessert, generously stuffed with Nutella cream, fresh strawberries, and sliced bananas, decadently drizzled with chocolate and a dusting of powdered sugar for a sweet finale.

Salmon | $28

Indulge in our passion fruit sweet chili glazed salmon, complemented by sautéed green beans, roasted garlic mash, and a vibrant chard scallion purée. A symphony of flavors.

Baked Wings $15

Fries $6

House Salad $6

House Greens $6

Cocktail Specials


Immerse in the sunny, relaxing blend of passion fruit, pineapple, peaches, seamlessly fused with Jack Daniel’s whiskey for a tropical twist on your traditional spirit.

Demon Time

Savor the unique combination of crisp green apples, tart cranberries, and sweet peaches, perfectly blended with Hennessy for a deliciously sophisticated and fruity cocktail.


Refresh with a classic mojito, featuring Bacardi Rum, fresh mint leaves, and a splash of lime juice, offering a vibrant and invigorating cocktail experience.

Flavor (add $1) Mango, Strawberry, Tamarindo, Coconut, Lychee & Pineapple

Doha's Margarita

Experience the perfect Margarita, a harmonious blend of tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, and Triple Sec, delivering a deliciously refreshing and classic cocktail sensation.

Frozen or On The Rocks

Flavor (add $1) Mango, Strawberry, Tamarindo, Coconut, Lychee & Pineapple


Savor a tropical blend of Midori Melon, Coconut rum, mingled with orange and pineapple juices for a refreshing, fruity cocktail that transports you to a beachside paradise.

Handcrafted Cocktails


Spicy Margarita

Indulge in a spicy Margarita, combining fresh squeezed lime juice with jalapeños infused tequila. Choose from Patron or Casamigos for your personalized fiery cocktail delight.

Frozen or On The Rocks

Flavor (add $1) Mango, Strawberry, Tamarindo, Coconut, Lychee & Pineapple

El Tiburon
Experience our handcrafted cocktail, a potent blend of tequila, rum, vodka, and blue curaçao, playfully garnished with rum-infused jelly sharks for a memorable, fun-filled sip.

Tiger King

Savor the smooth fusion of Ciroc Peach, fresh lime juice, rich peach purée, and sweet blue agave nectar for a sophisticated, refreshing cocktail with a fruity twist.

Lychee Martini
Wonderful lychee liquor, vodka, and dry vermouth served with fresh lychee.


A refreshing Mexican frozen drink that blends tequila, mangos, lime, and spicy sweet

Smoked Old Fashioned

Enjoy the first cocktail in existence with a new modern twist. Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey garnished with a cocktail cherry and orange peel.

Frozen Drinks



It's rose wine blended with our own infused strawberry fruit juice and maple syrup

Blue Hawaiian

Our frozen Blue Hawaiian is rum & vodka, pineapple juice & blue curaçao

Pina Colada

The tropical classic is a mix of rum, coconut, pineapple, and lime juice.


Enjoy the tropical taste of frozen pina colada & delicious strawberry frozen rose wine


Corona, Heineken, Blue Moon, and Stella.

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