Doha Bar Lounge: The Quintessential Bar and Lounge Experience Near You

(Now Open Thursday through Sunday)


Ever found yourself googling "open bar near me" or "place to drink near me" and feeling overwhelmed with options? For those located in and around Long Island City, the quest for that perfect evening destination is over. Welcome to Doha Bar Lounge, where every night feels elite.

A Cut Above the Rest:

restaurant in long island city
Restaurant in Long Island City

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Long Island City, Doha Bar Lounge stands out not just as a mere "lounge and bar near me", but as an emblem of sophistication and the spirit of Queens.

Cocktail Chronicles: Our bar boasts an extensive range of drinks. From the classic Margarita to the radiant hues of Tequila Sunrise, each cocktail tells its own story, ensuring your evenings are always memorable.

Culinary Delights: Being a standout LIC restaurant isn’t easy, but our menu, an eclectic mix of sumptuous dishes, effortlessly places us among the top. Whether you're in the mood for light appetizers or a hearty main course, our food promises to complement your drink perfectly.

Elevated Ambiance: At Doha Bar Lounge, it's not just about food and drinks. The atmosphere we've cultivated echoes elegance. Soft lighting, plush seating, and curated music - every element contributes to an ambiance that screams luxury.

Reviews from the Heart of LIC:

"When I searched for a 'restaurant in Long Island City'', Doha Bar Lounge topped the list. Their cocktails? Absolute perfection." – Carlos V.

"From Margaritas to Tequila Sunrises, this 'Queens lounge' knows how to craft a drink. A must-visit for anyone in LIC." – Nina K.

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Next time you're pondering about a "bar lounge" or an "LIC restaurant", let Doha Bar Lounge be your first choice. Immerse yourself in a world where cocktails, cuisine, and class converge. Long Island City, raise your glasses to refined revelry!

Contact Information:

Location: 3834 31st Street, Long Island City, Queens, NY 11101

Phone: 347-443-8355