Best Margarita in Astoria, Queens, NY



When you think about your life’s happiest moments, we bet it involves Margarita! Touted as America’s favorite cocktail, the Margarita exudes flavorful taste and refreshing energy that makes it the go-to drink for celebrations or for simply enjoying life’s pleasures.


The classic Margarita is great and all but have you tried our signature Margarita? Exclusively served only in Doha Bar Lounge in Queens, it’s the drink you wouldn’t want to miss out on when you’re in Astoria!


Best Margaritas New York
Best Margaritas New York

Get the Best Margarita in Astoria


Out of the bars in Queens, Doha Bar and Lounge serves the most refreshing Margarita that boasts of the perfect levels of sweetness, sourness, and saltiness, with just the right booziness to send your taste buds to paradise.


Our Doharita is the perfect Margarita blend that includes freshly squeezed lime juice and Triple Sec. This delicious and refreshing combination of flavors and textures serves fun and elegant vibes perfect to make every hour happy hour.


Pair it with our sumptuous savory Trio Tacos that compliments the sweet and sour taste of our Margaritas perfectly well. Try it with some Hennessy BBQ wings for that extra kick that your palate deserves! Or get some guacamole and chips for those chill and light evenings with the girls.


Get a taste of the best Margaritas in Long Island City - Astoria now!


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You can also have your own private party at the comfort of your home or office by ordering your favorites for delivery using our delivery options in Long Island. Check out our menu now.